Tank Hoover


Tank Hoover is a retired motorcycle cop and now spends his time writing for FMG Publications, hunting as time permits, and taking roadtrips across the country visiting with the Who's Who of the Firearms Industry. In the relatively short time that Tank has written for FMG, his writing style has already drawn in a faithful following of readers who flip to his column as soon as the latest issue arrives. A cross between Mark Twain, Skeeter Skelton and Red Skelton, his stories are always of something you can relate to, and his reviews of firearms truthful and enlightening. 

Fermin C. Garza


Fermin Garza retired from the Corpus Christi Police Department where he was a patrol officer, member of the SWAT team and trainer, and dove headlong into his passion, firearms in general and sixguns in particular. When he isn't tending his flock of birds, he is busy in his shop, machining sixgun sights, polishing gunparts, or designing his next gadget. A walking encyclopedia of shooting knowledge, Fermin willingly shares his experience with others, either on the internet forums, emails or the dozens of phone calls he receives each day. 

Doc Barranti


I'm just a Shuckmaker that likes to write too....