Our Products and Ordering

The bulk of our work here at Barranti Leather is custom made to order. This lets you the customer get gear built to your specifications. This also means there will be a wait. Wait times vary greatly because some custom orders can take more time than others due to the complexity of the stamping, carving or number of items in the order. Below is a rough idea of the expected wait times you might experience. Again, these are ballpark wait times, and may or may not be as accurate as we would like. If wait time is a factor for you, please take a look at our Direct Line gear.

I would love to get our custom gear into your hands sooner than the times listed, and unfortunately there will be times that we may take longer, but I will promise that the gear you receive will be well worth the wait!

Doc Barranti

Direct Line

This is our 'production line' gunleather, built to the same quality standards that Barranti Leather is known for. Selections are limited to the guns and styles listed. Delivery time is 3-4 weeks but we try to keep these models in stock, and most customers receive their gear within one week.

Standard Gunleather

Standard gunleather is any gear that is not a part of the Direct Line. This would be items ordered plain, without options such as lining, stamping, etc. Our desire is to build this gear with the same care as our full custom gear, to give you a product you are proud to own. Wait times can vary, but we try to get this gear turned around in approximately 12-18 weeks depending on the workload. We attempt to get your gear out as soon as we can, and appreciate your patience.

Custom Gunleather

Custom gunleather includes gear ordered with options ranging from lining to full floral carving. These are the products which built the Barranti Leather reputation of quality and attention to detail. Our desire to produce Best Quality gunleather takes time, and as a result, wait times can be lengthy. Ideally we would like to see a 6 month turn around but may take longer due to our workload. Your patience is greatly appreciated! There are no refunds or exchanges for customized/personalized products.

In Stock Gunleather

We try to keep a variety of gunleather in stock and listed on our In Stock page. In most cases this gear will ship out the day the order is received, or no later than the next business day. This gear changes frequently, so check back often!


We have attempted to simplify your shopping experience with our Online Store. If you don't see your handgun listed in the drop down menus, simply send an inquiry using the Contact Us form. We will get back to you and advise how to proceed with your order. Additionally, you can use the same form to discuss any custom leatherwork not listed on this site. 

International Orders

We are happy to take International Orders! You will need to contact us using the Contact Form and we will help you place your order.