Welcome to the Barranti Woodshop


Meet my brother, Joe Barranti, owner of the Barranti Woodshop located in Azle, Texas. If I didn’t believe in the quality of Joe’s work and products, they wouldn’t be included on this website! Sincerely, Doc Barranti

I have been interested in working with Wood for most of my adult life but for most of that time it has been just a hobby. Projects over that time included small furniture items, cabinets, cutting boards and gifts. 

Life gets in the way sometimes and while I spent a lot of time doing rough and trim carpentry, real woodwork had to take a back seat. As time went on I got back to making cabinets and small art projects, 

again making cutting boards, crosses, and adding intarsia to the craft mix.

In the last year or so, I became interested in a slightly more technical side of woodworking and built a 

CNC router to give me the ability to do other types of projects that were beyond my available tools and handwork skills, mainly sign making and 3D carvings. While the learning curve has been pretty steep, the enjoyment I have received from seeing the results, starting with a drawing on the computer to the finished item, as well as the smiles from the project recipients, both family and customers, with the proddings of family and friends I have decided to officially open Barranti Woodshop.

What else should a guy do in his old age??

(Of course, tying together with his little brother helped in making the decision to do this.)

Joe Barranti


For custom designs not shown here for sale, please contact the 

Barranti Woodshop at: joebarranti@yahoo.com