SINCE 1986

Mike 'Madbo' Hutyra ~ The Mad Bohemian

In the world of Sixgunning, finding folks that share your interest is a very rare thing. Somehow, I have managed to surround myself with a handful! These Sixgunners come from all across this great country from a variety of backgrounds, but we all share a common interest in firearms, specifically sixguns. They learned about sixguns from the writings of Elmer Keith, Skeeter Skelton and John Taffin, to name just a few. This small group of friends seemed pretty complete, until we met this interesting character from Texas, Mike 'Madbo' Hutyra.

A few years back, my good friend Glenn Swaggart asked me to build one of my Hank Sloan models that he intended to gift to Mike. Upon receiving the holster, Mike said he wanted to do something special with that holster. With that, he got to work perfecting his draw, emulating Border Patrol and fast draw icon Bill Jordan. Mike's quickdraw work is patterned after stunts performed by Jordan as he toured the country giving exhibitions of his fast and fancy shooting. At the time of this writing, Mike has several thousands of draws from that old Hank Sloan shuck!

One of the first things you notice when you meet Mike, besides his being extremely humble, are his blue steel, gunfighter eyes, and his signature handlebar mustache. Top that off with his slow Texas drawl, and you just might think you had stepped back in time!

Madbo, as we affectionately refer to him, is a dedicated follower of the classic Sixgunners that came before us. Though he is an all around shooter, well practiced in rifle, shotgun and handgun shooting, Madbo is a true Sixgun Wizard, and our good friend Fermin Garza says he has "Speed only lightning knows". 

Our little world of Sixgunning just got a little bigger, and we are truly proud to call Madbo a good friend and brother. These videos are a real treat to watch, and stay tuned, as there will be much more to come from
The Mad Bohemian!