SINCE 1986

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The Peabody Sling

Built with input from GUNSITE instructor Il Ling New,
the Peabody Sling (named after Il Ling's mini dachshund, Peabody) 
provides the rifle shooter a steadier platform for shooting in the field.
The adjustable slide of the Peabody Sling, which allows the shooter to fit the sling
to his or her size, requires no tools to adjust. Because the sling passes through the slide,
the slide cannot fall off, even when adjusting. The Peabody Sling comes standard with
the Barranti Bear Track stamp on the slide, and Talon Sling Swivels.

Il Ling New and the Peabody Sling

In use, the support hand stays on the forearm, while your shooting hand grasps one of the straps in front of the
 adjustable slide. Your support elbow passes between the two straps, and the adjustable slide is pulled up towards
your arm pit. The strong hand then assumes a firing grip on the rifle. By pushing forward with the support hand,
 you lock the rifle and sling into place for steady shooting.

Options include:
Padded Lining
Talon Sling Swivels