SINCE 1986

Skeeter Skelton

Skeeter Skelton

1928 ~ 1988
Skeeter Skelton's career as a gunwriter spanned from his first article, written in 1959 until his death in 1988. Much of that time, 1966~1988, he wrote for Shooting Times magazine. It was there that I learned of Skeeter and became facinated by his writing style. When reading Skeeter's stories, it feels as if he is sitting across from you at a rough hewn wooden table, telling the stories by the light of a kerosene lamp and fireplace. You can almost smell the bacon, biscuits and coffee. Skeeter is to this day, my favorite gunwriter of all time. If you are not familiar with Skeeter's writings, you should check out some of his stories and articles here.

Skeeter passed away far too young, just shy of his 60th birthday. Though there are many stories untold, he left us the many articles he wrote, and his son Bart Skelton, who has followed in his footsteps choosing a career in Law Enforcement and as a gunwriter. Bart's column, which appears monthly in Shooting Times magazine, and his book 'Down on the Border: A Western Lawman's Journal' are well worth reading.

Skeeter's 7.5" Flattop 44 magnum and
floral carved Lawrence gunleather

45 Colt SAA that Skeeter had built for his son Bart's 12th birthday,
 riding in a Barranti No.1 Shuck.  Photo courtesy of Bart Skelton

This custom No.5 holster is holding Bart Skelton's tribute to his father.
This custom sixgun is one of 7 special 44s built by Bob Baer and
the late Bill Grover. Built on a Ruger Old Model 357, the sixgun was converted
to 44 special, and given the serial number SS2. The stocks were made by Roy Fishpaw
from Dall Sheep horn, and feature custom brass medallions.
The holster is lined and carved with Skeeter & Bart's 'Bar T' brand, matching
the stock medallions, and the rear of the holster is stamped with the same
serial number as the sixgun. Photo courtesy of Bart Skelton.  

Bart Skelton 

  Bart shooting his dad's 7.5" Flattop 44 Magnum

Bart, age 8, shooting Skeeter's 44 magnum

Skeeter Tribute Hats!