SINCE 1986

All Barranti Leather products are built using centuries old techniques and top quality materials.
Whether you are choosing gunleather from my standard line or the Signature Series,
you can be assured that you are receiving best quality work.

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Urban Companion 
Ideal for concealed carry or range use.
Available for semi-autos
Shown with Single Mag Pouch
available separately

Northwest Mountain Companion
 Great for the range or field with it's minimalist styling and covered triggerguard, this is one of my most popular models.
For Single and Double Action Revolvers
Available in strongside or crossdraw
Strap in place of Hammer Thong add $5
Shown with optional Basket Stamping

Originating in the Mexican border region, the double loop holster was refined in the late 1800's saddle shops of the Wyoming Plains. Like the originals, this re-creation features the slight swell in the mainseam between the two loops to prevent the holster body from pulling up when the gun is drawn, and a handstitched toe plug in the bottom of the holster.
For Single Action Revolvers

Working Cowboy
 A no-frills holster similar to the holsters offered by the early catalog companies of the late 19th Century
For Single Action Revolvers

 Named after the Legendary Lawman Tom Threepersons,
this model rides high on your belt and features
a butt forward cant and open triggerguard.
For Single and Double Action Revolvers
Strap in place of Hammer Thong add $5
Shown with optional Basket Stamping 

Summer Classic
The Summer Classic is a tip of the hat to the original designer, the late Bruce Nelson. This holster features stitched in sight rails, a metal reinforced throat, and our Adjustable Belt Loop, which allows the user to set the holster angle to their preference.
For Revolvers and Autos

Hank Sloan
 FBI Agent Hank Sloan designed this holster style which bears his name. It has been built by many holster companies past and present, and makes a fine rig for the hunting field or concealed carry. Features a hammer shroud and adjustable tension screw.
For Single and Double Action Revolvers

 This retro styled holster is styled after similar holsters made by virtually every holster maker in the 1920's and 30's.
Gunwriter John Taffin named the holster for me.
For 1911s and similar autos
Shown with optional Basket Stamping

 The holsters made by A.W. Brill shop of Austin, Texas from the 1940's through the 60's were stunning examples of the makers art. Popular with the Texas Rangers, these beautiful and functional holsters are highly sought after by collectors. Our version carries the gun higher on the belt than the originals keeping the magazine release above the beltline.
For 1911 Autos and Revolvers 
Shown with optional Basket Stamping and lining 

 This version of our No.5 model allows the rear sight of the gun to sit down inside the holster. A stitched in Sight Protector keeps the rear sight blade from rubbing against the holster.
For Single and Double Action Revolvers
Shown with optional carved Barranti Bear Track 

Pocket Pistol Companion
A simply styled pocket holster, each pattern is cut to keep the handgun oriented vertically in the pocket, allow a firing grip on the gun, and grab the pocket so the gun can be pulled free when needed.
For Small Frame Revolvers and Autos

No.1 Shuck 
 One of my earliest holster patterns, this holster features minimalist styling, a hammer thong, and is signed and dated on the back.
For Single Action Revolvers

Longhorn Companion
 A re-creation of the Texas High Ride holster designed by the late Bill Grover, gun-maker and owner of the Texas Longhorn Arms company. This unique and versatile holster allows the user to carry their gun strongside or crossdraw, right or left handed. Another great feature is that the gun and holster body can be removed from the beltslide portion when needed, simply by unsnapping the strap, eliminating the need to remove the belt.
 For Single and Double Action Revolvers
Shown with optional Floral Carving 

Son-of-a-Gun Shuck
 A scaled down version of the No.5 model
For Ruger Single-Six/Seven and Bearcat revolvers
Shown with optional Monogram 

The Bar-T is a re-creation of the late Skeeter Skelton's
favorite single action rig, built by his friend,
the late Garrett Allen of Silver City, New Mexico.
Built with the help and permission of my friend Bart Skelton,
Skeeter's son, this holster is a faithful rendition of the original,
including Skeeter and Bart's Bar-T brand.

 A minimlist holster design featuring a reverse welt, which creates a channel for the front sight, and an adjustable tension screw.
For 1911 models only

A field holster with a touch of nostalgia.
For 1911 models only

Border Ranger with Floral Carving
This holster model is a re-creation of holsters built by the late
Texas Ranger Tol Dawson. This model was added to the
Barranti Leather line at the suggestion of friend Bart Skelton, who's original Dawson holster was the inspiration for my pattern.
Retired Texas Ranger Joaquin Jackson
provided the name for this model.
For 1911 models - other Autos will be considered
Double Mag Pouch sold separately

Cartridge Belts
Various gunbelts are available.
 See the Price List page for styles and prices

Cartridge Sleeve
This simple, lace on cartridge carrier wraps around
the butt of the rifle to prevent it from sliding forward.

Safari Slide

Peabody Sling
See the Slings page for description

Rifle Sling
A basic sling with length adjustment to suit most users.
Shown with optional Basket Stamping and Carlos Border

Mountain Companion
This model features a low cut front, covered triggerguard and tension screw. A great choice for the hunting field, range or concealed carry.
For Single and Double Action Revolvers
Shown with optional carved Barranti Bear Track

Bruce Nelson
 The late Bruce Nelson's holster designs are still as functional today as they were when he created them. This concealment style holster features a trailing belt loop which pulls the butt of the gun in tight to the users side aiding in concealment.
 For Revolvers and Autos

Available in strongside or crossdraw
Shown with optional Hammered background
and stamped Barranti Bear Track 

 A full flap holster design that features a stitched in sight protector that allows the rear sight to sit down inside the holster without rubbing against the leather.
Available in strongside or crossdraw
Shown with optional Monogram 

Ethan Edwards
 A re-creation of the holster style used by the late John Wayne in many of his classic westerns. This model is named for his character in what many consider one of the best westerns of all time, The Searchers.
For Single Action Revolvers

 The George Lawrence Company took input from the Grand Old Man, the late Elmer Keith in the design of their version of the 'Threepersons' style holster and was known as the Keith/120 model. The early Lawrence pattern dating from the 1920's was made prior to the addition of adjustable sights on revolvers and featured much more graceful lines than later models, and is the inspiration for the No.5.
 For Single and Double Action Revolvers 
Strap in place of Hammer Thong add $5
Shown with optional Border Stamping

EK No.5
This version of the No.5 holster is patterned after the original floral tooled Lawrence No.120 holster used by Elmer Keith to carry his prized No.5 revolver. Features floral tooling based on the original design, contrasting lacing,  silver concho snap cover
and stamped with it's own unique serial number.

Barranti Field Rig
 A complete rig that includes a Tapered End Gunbelt, No.5-SP holster featuring the Barranti Bear Track and 12 round Cartridge Slide
 For Single and Double Action Revolvers


A deep riding Inside the Waist Band style holster.
For Compact and Pocket sized Autos

DCC - Deep Cover Companion
This model uses a metal clip for easy on-off capability and also allows the user to tuck their shirt over the gun.
For Compact and Pocket sized Autos

Hip Pocket Holster
 In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, open carry of handguns became frowned upon, even in the West. Holstermakers began to answer the call with concealment holsters, such as the Hip Pocket Holster.
While it may not be practical for concealed carry,
this simple pouch style holster can be slipped into the back pocket when going out to check on the horses, between the seats in your pickup or between the mattress and boxspring of your bed.
For Revolvers and Autos
Shown with Border Stamping 

Northeast Hunter Rig
This chest rig is built specifically for the scope-mounted
Ruger Hunter Revolvers and other
revolvers with barrel mounted scopes.

Northwest Hunter Rig
Our most popular chest rig, this bandoleer style holster is the perfect way to carry a heavy handgun when out in the field. This model can be cut for revolvers with frame mounted scopes.
For Revolvers and Autos
Signature Series version as shown
featuring lining, carvings and Cartridge Slide

High Country Companion
 A lightweight version of the Northwest Hunter, this rig is perfect for hunters and hikers. The HCC does away with the D rings and extra leather but keeps the good looks and function of the NWH.
For Revolvers and Autos

Universal Strongside Holster Adapter
For owners of any of Barranti Leather's Chest rigs, 
this adapter, when fitted to your existing harness, 
will allow the user to convert almost any
strongside holster to a chest rig.

Universal Chest Rig
This harness and adapter allow you to convert nearly
any strongside holster into a chest rig.

Tank Rig
 This simple chest rig features a rugged, two piece rough out holster with integral harness attachments, and hammer thong for retention.
For Revolvers and Autos

Rough Rider
 A basic, rough side out, no frills holster.
 For Single Action Revolvers

Model 44
Inspired by the Lawrence model 34 holster, this classically styled holster features a gracefully contoured strap.
For Single and Double Action Revolvers
Shown with optional Floral Carving and Dyed Background 

The Colonel
 A minimalist style holster named in honor
of the late Col. Jeff Cooper.
For 1911s only

 This holster is a modified version of the Colonel model, and was made with the help of Gunsite instructor Il Ling New. 
Suited to men and women with high-waists or who have
trouble drawing from a high riding holster.
Il Ling suggested the name, which was the
nickname Col. Cooper gave to his wife.
For 1911s only
Shown with stamped Gunsite Raven
Yaqui Slide
The classic minimalist holster, this is our version of the holster built by the late Milt Sparks
For 1911s only

Ranger style
and Tapered End Belts
See the Price List page for styles and pricing

6-Pack Pocket Companion
A simple and versatile pocket pouch which will carry
6 rounds of 41, 44 or 45, 7 rounds of 38 or 357, 20 rounds of 22 magnum or 30 rounds of 22lr 

Cartridge Slide
 5, 6 or 7 round
10 or 12 round

Cartridge Pouch ~ Handgun 

Cartridge Pouch ~ Rifle
Shown with custom carving 

Single Mag Pouch 

Double Mag Pouch

Single Stack Companion
SSC-S  &

Speed Pouch
 A belt mounted pouch for HKS Speedloaders that
allows the speedloader to straddle your belt to aid in concealment.
Features an adjustable tension screw.