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1986 ~ 2016

Barranti Leather is celebrating it's 30th Anniversary. To commemorate this occasion, we will be producing a limited run of holsters which will be stamped with our special Anniversary stamp. Our popular No.5 model for Ruger/Colt medium frame revolvers with 4 5/8"- 4 3/4" barrels and the Northwest Mountain Companion for the Ruger Shopkeeper with 3" barrel. Each holster will be hand numbered, signed and feature our signature Barranti Bear Track, with production limited to just 30 of each model, and other models may follow.


Peabody Too

A stout version of the popular lightweight Peabody sling.


As a fulltime Shuckmaker and student of Gunleather history,
I enjoy re-creating classic gunleather using the best materials.
I see it as a tribute to the original maker, and also to the
person who may have used that particular rig.

Milt Sparks has long been an inspiration to me. He started as a one man shop,
crafting great gunleather one piece at a time. His customers included the likes
 of Elmer Keith, Jeff Cooper and Ross Seyfried. Ross won the 1981 IPSC World Championship
match using practical gunleather built for him by Sparks.

It is the essence of that rig which I have attempted to capture here.
New for 2016, the MST, the Milt Sparks Tribute
Only available with Oak Leaf and Acorn carving

For 1911s only.

Barranti Elite IWB

About the time I got my drivers license I purchased a Colt LW Commander in 45 ACP. You see,
my Dad owned a grocery store in the toughest part of town and I was there at all hours
and had to move money, unload stock, escort my Mom around and other such.
For my first purchase with my own money, I thought I made an excellent choice. I still do.
A LW Commander style pistol continues to be my choice in every day carry.
Inspired by the legendary Bruce Nelson I have always preferred IWB carry.
That has not changed for nearly 40 years. I have tried every production and most
custom holsters during this time. Some were quite excellent and served well
while others withered and promptly died in the blistering S. Texas heat.

Far too late in life, I started doing business with famed leather maker Mike Barranti.
I issued him a challenge to build for me an exceptionally fine holster for my Keith No 5 custom sixgun.
He delivered then and continues to deliver to this day. It is simply hard to imagine that such
fine craftsmanship can be improved upon but with this new IWB he has done just that.
You see, most makers make what they make. You may have the option of color or some such
but with Mike Barranti those options are nearly endless. His willingness to listen to
suggestions and daring to explore options put him far ahead of the rest of the pack.

I have been testing his newest IWB for several months now and can report
it is the best I have ever seen. Built of Horse Hide it is slicker, tougher, slimmer,
and thus rides better and is far more comfortable than any other.
It has withstood the S Texas heat better than any other. Today, all around,
times are possibly more dangerous than ever. I am retired from LE anymore but
carry the Barranti Elite IWB to protect mine because there is no better.

Fermin Garza ~ January 2016 

The Barranti Elite IWB features horsehide construction,
metal reinforced throat and a formed sight channel.
It is available standard with the Barranti Leather Adjustable Beltloop,
or with optional snap straps.
 For 1911s only

Agent Campbell

FBI Special Agent Jerry Campbell and the original S.D. Myres 'Threepersons'
holster that he used to carry his S&W Registered Magnum.
Agent Campbell's career in the FBI spanned 31 years. He was involved in the take down
of John Dillinger, along with other infamous gangsters of the turbulent post Depression era.

Barranti Leather is re-creating the classic Myres Threepresons used by Agent Campbell. This fine holster features floral carving with dyed background and full length welt. The snug fitting rig come standard with no retention device but can be ordered with a hammer thong or strap.
For 4" S&W N Frame Revolvers Only


For the Ruger Shopkeeper

While not a new design, the Northwest Mountain Companion has become
extremely popular for the new Ruger Shopkeeper, especially in crossdraw format.