SINCE 1986

Barranti Leather in the Field

Dick 'Sixshot' Thompson, an Idaho Mule Deer, his Ruger 44 magnum
 and Signature Series Northwest Hunter rig


Friend and hunting buddy Tank Hoover with a Maryland doe
 taken with his 475 Linebaugh carried in a Signature Series Northwest Hunter rig

Ridge Thompson with his first Mule Deer and Black Bear
with custom Barranti Rifle Sling


Linda Powell's Aoudad taken with her Mossberg MVP Flex and the Peabody Sling

Amy Miller with EOTech
and the Peabody Sling take an Osceola Turkey

Scott Ambler's sixgunned Jack Rabbit and Rattlesnake with a
6-Pack Pocket Companion and Hank Sloan model

Mark Hampton with his Northwest Hunter Rig

Check back for more photos soon!