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Dick Thompson~My Friend

Dick Thompson: Doing it right

“…After a few seconds he started feeding to my left & slightly down towards me, I shot him with the rangefinder for the last time, it read 65 yds, he was facing me but then he kind of backed up a step & turned broadside. The 250 gr. softnose Keith hit him right at the top of the front sight…”

                                                                             Dick Thompson

"Many years ago, Skeeter Skelton once wrote how he counted himself among the luckiest of men, because he had spent a lifetime with what had facinated him the most-Handguns. I too count myself lucky. As a matter of fact, I tell my friends that if I were any luckier, the Dream Police would be after me. I too have spent my 50 years with handguns, but count myself lucky for the Heros in the sixgun community that surround me. Lawmen and Lawyers, Cowboys and Clergy, Gunsmiths and Gunwriters. Men who are a cut above and bound together by the four F's. Faith, Family, Friends, and Firearms. In this world, Dick Thompson is an Eclipse. Those men whom we read about and admire in books have long since been surpassed by Dick's deeds in the field of life. A throwback to another time, Dick often spends 100 days a year afield, prepares gourmet meals in cast iron crockery, and the rest of the time is a walking encyclopedia of what works on everything from Gophers to Grizzly. He is a Sixgun man, but he is much more than that. As a Mentor and a Friend to me and all who know him, here is my Salute and often I wonder what the fullness of time will say about this great man."
                                                Fermin Garza ~ Oct. 2010, Corpus Christi, TX

Fermin Garza                              Dick Thompson

"Late in 2007, I was contacted for the first time by Dick Thompson. Dick had been wintering in Texas that year. While he traveled around the state, Dick met up with Fermin Garza for lunch one afternoon. Fermin had brought along some gunleather that I had built for him to show Dick. Shortly after their visit, my phone rang. I had seen some of Dick’s stories on the various internet forums, and I could tell this was a very unique fellow! After placing his order for what became the very first Signature Series Northwest Hunter rig, Dick and I stayed in touch by phone on a regular basis. I heard tales of countless elk, mule deer, black bear and other big game, hunting trips to Alaska and Africa, and of his many adventures chasing and being chased by badgers! Those conversations gave me a glimpse into the life of a true sixgunner, and led to what has become a once in a lifetime friendship.

Dick is not an armchair theorist or an opinionated blowhard. He has been there and done that, and is very willing to pass on his knowledge from a lifetime of shooting, casting, loading and hunting. Part Elmer Keith, part Skeeter Skelton, part teacher, part prankster, if you don't learn something from Dick with every conversation, it's because you weren't listening."

                                                    Mike Barranti ~ Nov. 2010, Pittsburgh, PA

Me, Dick 'Meathammer' Thompson and Jeff 'Tank' Hoover

Glenn Swaggart and Dick Thompson

Early in his hunting career, Dick was a successful rifle hunter though he often carried along a sixgun. Bow hunting was another passion of Dick's, which helped push him into the challenge of handgun hunting. Once Dick made that decision, his rifles stayed home. Dick is now totally dedicated to being a handgun hunter, and no longer owns any rifles.

Dick used to own several horses and mules that he used on his hunting trips.
Here he is on one of his favorite mules, Copper.

Dick with a nice Idaho Mulie taken with a Ruger Flattop 44 Magnum and a 250gr Keith bullet.

Another famous Idahoan, Elmer Keith, with a nice Mulie in a similar pose! 

Over 60 percent of the state of Idaho is public land, and much of that is rugged wilderness area accessible only by plane, boat or horseback. Dick has explored and hunted in some of those places, walking in the footsteps of long forgotten Mountain Men, Explorers and some of this great country's earliest inhabitants. 

 This cave, complete with ancient artwork, still has soot on the overhead rock from countless fires.
An unknown number of meals were cooked here, though the fires that warmed those early cave dwellers
are now long cold. I often wonder if anyone has seen this cave since Dick took this picture.

One of Dick's trips brought him to this old cable crossing.
A hair raising ride that nearly ended with a dip in the cold river!

 Dick, like most sixgunners, considers Elmer Keith to be THE authority on sixguns. Several of his hunting trips took him near the home of the legend. It was with quite a bit of trepidation that Dick walked up to the front door of The Grand Old Man himself for the first time.

Dick took this photo of Elmer holding a Ruger Number One rifle.

Years ago, writers like Elmer Keith and Skeeter Skelton became known to the firearms world through the various magazines and books their writings were published in. Thanks to the internet, a whole new generation of readers have been able to read Dick's stories. His writing style is very reminiscent of Elmer and Skeeter, full of wit and wisdom, containing no BS. Due to this cyber exposure, Dick fields daily emails and phone calls from sixgunners all across the country.

Like Elmer, Dick gets visits from people wanting to meet him in person. One of the first things these travelers will see are the various trophys in his trophy room.  Animals from the mountains of Idaho, the Alaskan tundra and the plains of Africa are on display to the many visitors that make the journey to Dick's home in Soda Springs, Idaho.

  This Mountain Lion was taken by Dick using a Smith & Wesson Model 27
 with an 8 3/8" barrel and a 173gr Keith bullet at a distance of 5 feet!

Two of my Modern Day Heros: Dick Thompson and John Taffin

Dick Thompson and an old Idaho Homestead

Dick shooting one of his favorites; his Ruger Bisley Flattop in 44 special


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