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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

"My holstermaker is as important to me as my doctor."
~Skeeter Skelton
'Hide for your Handgun' ~ April 1967  Shooting Times

                                                                                       Bart Skelton

Gunny Approved!

                                                                                         Photo courtesy of Jason Cloussner ~ Lipsey's

"As being a true connoisseur of fine leather,
I can only recommend the Barranti Leather Co.
as being the Dean over all others.

For price, beauty and above all durability,
they can't be beaten."

Capt. Fred Christensen
Chief Security Officer
Wells Fargo Co.


...I called him and asked him for a special rig for my #5 project. He has delivered a package that cannot be improved on. Absolute best quality. The holster fits my #5 like a glove. The belt slide is nice and square and slips over the belt perfectly. The belt itself is a Ranger style with silver buckles that will most likely last me a lifetime. It is a heavy duty belt executed so gracefully, I have taken to wearing it as a dress belt where it serves perfectly. The basket stamping is very uniform and the lace is flawless. The Grand Old Man (Elmer Keith) would have been proud to own Mike's work for a fact! Mike is very personable to deal with and is an honorable man worthy of your trade. We have had a number of conversations and emails and he is certainly someone I would share a campfire with. I can't wait to have some more of his fine leather work myself....

Fermin Garza

I just received the holster. It's a beautiful piece of workmanship! I have had many holsters and I've not seen the workmanship on this holster matched by anyone.

Chuck F.

The holster arrived, and it's perfect! The quality of your work is incredible! Thanks for such a great holster.


Thanks for the holster. It looks and feels great. The craftsmanship is excellent. Well worth the wait.

Jack M.

That Threepersons rig arrived today and I have now put the gun in it a couple of times. it is a work of art and exceeds my expectations. It fit the gun firmly and tightly and looks beautiful.

Bob W.

Received the holster yesterday and showed it to some of my shooting buddies. I think you might get some business coming your way. We were all impressed with the holster.


The holster and belt arrived today. I must say the workmanship is impeccable. The holster fit the gun like a glove and the belt is perfect. Thanks for a nice rig.

David Clements - Clements Custom Guns

A good sixgun needs a good holster rig, and there are many good ones on the market, and a like number of cheap junk rigs. One of the better ones that I have seen in a while is from a relatively new maker; Barranti Leather Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Now, Pennsylvania doesn’t seem like the most likely place to pick up a good leather rig, but Mike Barranti turns out some fine work. The holster pictured here is one of the all-time great designs for a single action revolver, the Tom Threepersons design. Mr. Threepersons was a western lawman who designed this holster as a very practical and comfortable way to carry a side arm. Threepersons was a Cherokee Indian, a rancher, a rodeo cowboy, and a lawman who worked from Alaska to Mexico, spending much of his career along the US/Mexican border in the early part of the twentieth century.  He knew about gun fighting, and holster design. The bottom is closed for good protection, but the trigger guard and hammer are exposed for quick access. The holster has a removable retention strap, but Mike will build it with a hammer thong if preferred. The holster is dyed Saddle Tan in color, with the calf skin lining and ammo loops on the belt left natural for contrast. It is certainly a beautiful rig! Now, here is a good thing that I like about Mike; he listens to his customer. You would think that all custom leather makers would do so, but it just ain’t true. For several years, whenever I would order a new rig, I would always specify twelve cartridge loops on the right side, as I am left handed.  Seems like it would be simple to do. However, the belt would always arrive with the cartridge loops in the back, where they are hard to reach, and tend to lose the ammo when sitting down in a chair or truck seat. The Barranti rig arrived with twelve cartridge loops on the right side, just as I asked. As you can see in the pictures, the cartridges are in a very handy position to access without looking or struggling to reach. Thanks Mike! The cartridge belt is double thick for rigidity. Also the tooling is very attractive, and the whole rig is hand-stitched.  This rig just reeks of quality. It is built of top grade materials by a true leather craftsman. It is nice to see good quality hand work these days. This Barranti rig is worthy of hauling around the finest sixgun available, and I am proud to own it.

Jeff Quinn ~ 

I'm totally convinced that my new Barranti, Signature Series Northwest Rig is the Rolls Royce of shoulder rigs, I wore it hard for 11 days straight, it doesn't move, it doesn't make your shoulders or neck tired or sore, it stays close to the body & its so comfortable you forget you are carrying a big sixgun, there isn't one thing I would change, its perfect, Mike, thank you very much!  

Dick Thompson


Mike - How can I now continue this missive? The products were worth the wait? What can I say that you haven't heard a thousand times before with even more sincerity than you've heard each and every time?

Well, I'll risk tripping over my tongue and just flail away at the keys. Yes, the belt and holsters are incomparably gorgeous. Truly, they were well worth the wait. For the sake of near-brevity, I'll focus in on the EK5, which by the way fits my .45 Bisley perfectly. Righ...t off the bat, first try, snug and the strap reached the (classy silver concho) snap first try no problem, no tugging.

I held that holster in my hand and looked at it closely for a very long time. I was simply floored by the beauty of the execution of the carving of the floral patterns, and knocked out completely by the exactness of every single stitch. And the outside contrasting lacing was so precise every step of the way.

Fitting this on my El Paso Floral Belt was nice, but I'll tell you what you probably already know. Your Floral carving and attention to detail surpasses theirs. I don't mean to knock them, El Paso Saddlery holds a very high place in the world of gunleather, but I'm simply stating a fact.

Everything I mentioned about the EK5 goes for the Wilson Commander rig and belt, but with basket weave instead of floral carving. Same quality and sense of even detail, stitching exact and superb.

I'll close by saying, in all honesty, Mike, I don't know how you can turn this stuff out with such a high degree of excellence as fast as you do. You are without a doubt a first class artisan and I only wish I were younger so I could enjoy your beautiful work a lot longer!

With Mucho Gratitude,


The holster & cartridge slide showed up today and I am extremely happy. The gun fits perfectly. I have gotten new holsters in the past, and it always took a long time to break them in enough to even get the gun out without a struggle, but this one is perfect. It's tight enough to hold the gun securely, but it comes out very quickly. You do great work. Let me know if you ever come up with a good concealable shoulder holster design. I would be interested.

Thanks again.