SINCE 1986


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In 1903, my grandfather, Antonio Barranti, left Sicily and came to America in search of the American Dream. He settled near Pittsburgh and began a produce company. In the beginning, he took his cart up and down the hilly streets around Pittsburgh selling his produce. A horse drawn wagon soon replaced the cart, and later, a truck replaced the wagon, expanding his reach. His business continued to grow, and finally, in 1919, he opened the Barranti Market. His store thrived and it became the first self service grocery store in Pittsburgh, complete with aisles and shopping carts. The store remained open for years, being run by 4 of my aunts, and finally closed it's doors in the 1970s. My memories of the store are practically non-existant. I barely remember the storefront but do recall the little wax soda bottle shaped candy filled with flavored syrup that sat on the shelf behind the register.

Fast forward nearly 100 years from when young Antonio first hung his sign, The Barranti Market, above the door of his store, and another Barranti Market has opened. Like Antonio, I've been at this a while, growing and expanding, and now my own Online Store is open. There is more work to do, but it is open for business. Thanks for looking!

And special thanks to my brother Joe Barranti for the drawing of the store!

Mike Doc Barranti